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Case # Legal Category Arts Category Client Type Description
18-585 Visual Art Pro Bono

Contract: Scholarship. 18-585 NFP educational group needs help setting up a scholarship program for art students.

18-657 Dance, Film/TV, Music, Performance Art, Theater, Visual Art Pro Bono

Dispute: Film. 18-657 Freelance camera-man was notified by his ISP that they planned to disclose his name in connection with an alleged illegal download of a movie. According to the client, he has not illegally downloaded any movies. Client needs legal advice regarding the best course of action.

18-689 Music Pro Bono

Employee/Independent Contractor: Contract Review: 18-689 Music Director, an independent contractor for a church choir, needs counsel to help him evaluate changes that the church proposed to the terms of his services agreement.

18-708 Music Pro Bono

Dispute: Breach of Contract 18-708 Rap artist paid a producer to mix and master the tracks that he recorded for the artist, but the work was never done. Client would like the tracks to be returned to her so that she can work with them; or, in the alternative, Client would accept a refund of the amounts she paid to the producer.

18-717a Visual Art Pro Bono

Contract: Release of Rights. 18-717a Client is a visual artist who creates installation art and is planning to do a piece that incorporates video and still photography to address issues related to women's empowerrment and race. Client needs a release to be signed by the interview subjects.

18-753 Literature, Visual Art Pro Bono

Copyright: Memoir. 18-753 Client is writing a memoir that includes her experiences at a school for disabled children in the late 1960s. A major publisher has agreed to publish her work; however, the inclusion of certain yearbook photos is contingent on client securing any necessary permissions. Client needs counsel to help her address the publisher’s concerns regarding copyright in the yearbook photos.

18-760 Music Pro Bono

Trademark and Start-up: Music. 18-760 Music producer needs help with trademark registration and advice regarding business structure.

19-005 Film/TV Paying

Dispute: Breach of Contract. 19-005 Freelance TV producer worked on a project for several months under a written contract but was never paid in full. Client needs help to recover amounts still owed.

19-006 Visual Art Pro Bono

Start-up: Visual Art. 19-006 Visual artist who paints murals needs start-up advice and one stadardized agreement for his customers.

19-016 Music Pro Bono

Start-up. Music. 19-016 Young event planner needs start-up advice and help with trademark registration.