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Case # Legal Category Arts Category Description
Pro Bono

Business: Music

19-731 Rock and alternative-rock musician needs help evaluating whether he should consolidate his music publishing company with his LLC. The LLC was set-up to market his music.

Pro Bono

Content Clearance: Film.

19-420 Documentary film-maker, in a master's degree program, is producing a film about the challenges faced by three friends who left a cult like environment in which they had been raised. Client is concerned about a possible defamation claim and needs an attorney opinion letter to submit with his application for errors and omissions insurance.

Pro Bono

Contract Negotiation: Band Agreement for Previously Recorded Album

19-810 Client was the songwriter for an 80's band that released an album in 2018. The band members did not have a written band agreement and are now seeking to address the various interests of the parties by written agreement.

19-672 Theater

Contract Negotiation: Co-Author Termination Agreement

19-672 Co-authors of a script for theater have dissolved their working relationship and are in the process of negotiating a termination agreement that includes future credits and on-going royalties. Client (one of the co-authors) needs legal help negotiating the terms of the agreement.

Pro Bono

Contract Review: Co-Publishing and Sound Recording Agreement

19-802 Songwriter needs counsel to review a contract with a record company.

Pro Bono
Dance, Performance Art

Contract Review: Dance

19-491 NFP dance group needs help evaluating whether there are any legal issues they need to address before offering programs that include both adolescent girls and adults.

Pro Bono

Dispute Anticipated: Personal Injury

19-792 Theatre needs legal advice regarding a situation in which an independent contractor/actor was injured while performing during a rehearsal. Injured party has not asserted a claim but theatre is aware that one may be made and needs help evaluating the best approach to take under these circumstances.

Pro Bono
Arts Education

Dispute: Collection and Contract Termination

19-784 Arts and culture education NFP entered into an agreement with another NFP that promised fundraising services. The fundraising group collected a deposit but failed to deliver any of the promised donations. Client seeks to recover the deposit and terminate the contract. Client filed a complaint in Small Claims Court and needs counsel to assist.

Pro Bono

Dispute: Collection: Non-payment for Services

19-637 SAG Voice-over artist performed in several commercial advertisements and needs help collecting the amount that the advertising agency owes her. Client has evidence, obtained with the help of SAG, that the voice-overs were used significantly in excess of the scope of the agreement.

Pro Bono

Dispute: Contract Termination: Film

19-794 Documentary Film-maker would like to terminate a distribution contract that she entered into several month ago and needs help evaluating the risks of terminating and the and effect of termination.

Pro Bono
Music, Performance Art, Theater

Dispute: Music

19-812 Author of an inspirational song needs help recovering royalties for the unauthorized use of her song. She also needs help evaluating a contract that she signed with a licensing agent who was able to collect past due royalties, but then kept the entire amount as fees for her services.

Pro Bono

Dispute: Music Royalties: Portugal

19-646 Musician needs help collecting royalties. In collaboration with a rap artist Client wrote and recorded about a dozen tracks. Client wrote and played the music and the rap artist wrote the lyrics and performed the vocals. Songs off an album that came out in 2016 have been licensed and Client received one royalty payment. Recently, Client was able to secure an an accounting but no payment. Client needs legal help collecting the royalties that he is owed.

Contingent Fee (PB Eligible)

Dispute: Non-payment of Royalties

19-763 Co-author of a successful House Music song needs help enforcing her rights to royalties. The song was originally published in the late 1980's and is still being sampled, remixed and used in other mediums.

Pro Bono
Dance, Music, Theater, Film/T.V.

Immigration: Music

19-718 Venezuelan music theater student who is in the US on a J-1 Visa, is graduating in May and needs help with an O-1 Visa application.

Pro Bono

IP Protection: Card Game

19-809 Card game developer needs help protecting his intellectual property.

Pro Bono

IP Protection: Fashion

19-628 Client needs help evaluating her options for protecting her intellectual property.

Pro Bono
Literature, Music, Performance Art

NFP: Transfer of Assets and Name Change

19-701 Irish arts and culture NFP needs help structuring the transfer of assets to the NFP from a very small for-profit publishing corporation. The NFP also needs help with a name change.


Pending Litigation: Landlord-side Eviction

19-653 Artist owns an apartment building and needs legal help with an eviction action that she filed pro se.

Pro Bono

Pending Litigation: Personal Injury Defense

19-650 Clients, members of a former sketch comedy group, are named defendants in a personal injury action. The plaintiff's injury was sustained during a performance by the comedy group. Clients need representation in the pending litigation.