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Case # Legal Category Arts Category Client Type Description
17-415 Literature, Performance Art Contingent Fee (PB Eligible)

Copyright Infringement. Author needs help evaluating whether her work was infringed by a popular television drama, and assistance in pursuing any rights she may have.

17-436 Music Pro Bono

Contract Termination. A music writer and composer paid a distributor to distribute her music digitally. Recently, she learned that the distributor is claiming rights to proceeds from mechanical licenses. Client needs legal help to terminate her agreement with the distributor.

17-454 Music Contingent Fee (PB Eligible)

Unpaid Royalties. The lead singer of a nationally recognized, 1970s, soul/funk ensemble has never received royalties for the music that he wrote and recorded with the bands that he played with. Client needs counsel to evaluate any claim that he may have for royalties.

17-475 Film/TV, Literature, Visual Art Pro Bono

Contract for Writer. Writer needs a co-author agreement for a novel and graphic novel that he is working on with his friend. He also plans to hire an aritst to create the graphics for the graphic novel and needs a contract for the artist.

17-480 Literature Pro Bono

Content Clearance. Children's book author who writes historical fiction needs help evaluating the content of her books and securing permissions as necessary. Client, also, needs legal review of three contracts, one for each of the illustrators and one with a celebrity licensing company.

17-481 Film/TV, Literature, Visual Art, Other Pro Bono

Negotiation Advice. Fiction writer and graphic artist, Client, needs legal advice regarding negotiating to be paid for writing a screen-play. She submitted a writing sample and received a positive response and expects to be talking about terms shortly.

17-492 Visual Art, Other Pro Bono

Start-up Help Candle Maker. Client designs and sells candles and needs start-up advice and one license agreement to use other artists work to create her candles.