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Case # Legal Category Arts Category Client Type Description
18-041 Visual Art Contingent Fee

Dispute: Visual Art. 18-041 Pieces of visual art were delivered to a business organization for its employees, but the employees did not receive the works. Client needs help evaluating, and if recommended, pursuing a claim against the organization.

18-056 Literature Pro Bono

Contract. 18-056 Author of an unpublished book about a homeopathic remedy for a common ailment needs an idea protection agreement to present to a television producer with whom she hopes to work.

18-097 Literature Pro Bono

Publicity Rights: Publishing. 18-097 The author of a manuscript about a deceased musician who has conversations with other deceased musicians, needs pre-publication review to evaluate potential risks associated with publishing her book.

18-140b Visual Art Pro Bono

Dispute: Visual Artist. 18-140 Visual artist applied for permission to put a mural up on a wall under the Metra tracks, Client's request was denied and she needs help evaluating whether she has any legal recourse.

18-236 Visual Art Pro Bono

Employment: Privacy. 18-236 NFP that hires teaching artists, needs counsel to review its teacher application that has been updated to include questions about gender, race, and gender identification.

18-237 Music Pro Bono

Start-up: Music 18-237 R&B and funk band needs start-up intellectual property protection advice.

18-248 Visual Art Pro Bono

Landlord/Tenant: Commercail. 18-248 Visual artist needs help evaluating and pursuing any claims he may have against his former landlord who disposed of his artwork and materials, without notice, when artist went into default on the rent payments for his studio.

18-254 Film/TV, Theater, Visual Art Pro Bono

Employment and Copyright. 18-254 Actor needs help evaluating his rights under an employment agreement after he was terminated from the cast of a touring group. In addition, he was providing photography services and needs help enforcing his intellectual property rights.

18-288 Literature Pro Bono

Dispute: Publishing. 18-288 Author of an academic text on massage therapy needs counsel to contact her publisher about a notice of intent to relinquish their rights in the text.

18-295b Film/TV, Music, Theater, Visual Art Pro Bono

Estate: Intellectual Property. 18-295b Client needs legal advice regarding protecting his intellectual property in connection with the trust that he is setting up.

18-300 Visual Art Pro Bono

Start-up: Animator. 18-300 Visual artist who creates 2D and 3D animations needs start-up advice, help with business structure and a standard service agreement for customers. He also needs help evaluating and possibly applying for trademark registration.

18-305 Film/TV, Music, Performance Art, Theater Pro Bono

Dispute: Music. Client needs help recovering royalties for performances of his music in the 1990's in 20 different countries.

18-331 Music, Performance Art, Theater Pro Bono

Start-up: Juggler. 18-331.Talent manager and juggler needs start-up advice and help with business structure. He also needs two contracts, one for hiring entities and one for the talent he places in jobs.

18-341 Music Pro Bono

Start-up: Music. Client does development, promotion and marketing for musicians and vocal artists and needs start-up advice, help with business structure and one contract for the artists that he represents.

18-347 Film/TV, Music Pro Bono

Landlord Tenant: Residential. 18-347. Film student needs help resolving a dispute with his former landlord over his security deposit.

18-348 Dance, Film/TV, Literature, Music, Performance Art, Theater Pro Bono

Start-up: LLC. 18-348 Experienced actor, writer and producer needs help setting up an LLC.

18-359 Film/TV, Literature, Music, Performance Art, Theater, Visual Art, Other Pro Bono

Dispute: Internet. 18-359 Local NFP architectural society needs legal help to regain control of its social media sites from the current administrator who is no longer fulfilling his commitment to the organization.

18-374 Other Pro Bono

Start-up and Contract. 18-374 Jewelery and fashion accessories designer needs start-up advice, help with business structure and a contract for his Mexican and Indonisian manufacturers.

18-381 Visual Art Pro Bono

Dispute: Unlawfully Obtained Judgment. 18-381 Arts educator who has lived in California since May of 2015, had a bike accident in Illinois in 2010; and was sent from the emergency room to an orthopedic doctor who saw her for one visit immediately after the accident. Then, five years later, without notice to Client, the physician obtained a judgment for non-payment of fees; and in May of 2018 served a garnishment order on Client's California employer. Client needs help settling this dispute with the doctor.

18-384 Dance, Film/TV, Literature, Music, Performance Art, Theater, Visual Art, Other Pro Bono

Dispute: Consumer.18-384 Filmmaker needs help resolving a dispute with two credit bureaus that are improperly refusing to remove certain items from her credit history.

18-386 Other Pro Bono

Dispute: Trademark. 18-386 Fashion designer needs immediate help responding to a USPTO Office Action.

18-393 Music, Other Pro Bono

Start-up: Music. Organ teacher needs start-up advice, help with business structure and assisstance with trademark registration for his logo.

18-399 Music Pro Bono

Contract: Music. 18-399 Client composes personalized wedding songs and needs a customer contract.

18-407 Theater Pro Bono

Dispute: Social Media. 18-407 NFP theatre group needs help resolving a dispute with a former staff member who was dismissed and has responded by posting destructive comments on social media and refusing to turn over the theatre group's property.

18-409 Music Pro Bono

Contract Review: Music. 18-409 A hip hop/ R&B music artsit needs counsel to review a recording contract and assist with trademark registration.

18-410 Music, Theater Pro Bono

Clearance: Film. 18-410 Author of a play about identity theft, has questions about content clearance that she would like to address before filming the demo reel that she plans to send to booking agents.

18-417 Music Pro Bono

Contract: Music. 18-417. Client's son, who creates and sells beats, has received a Producer Agreement from a music producer in New York, and needs legal help evaluating the agreement.

18-420 Visual Art Pro Bono

Start-up Visual Artist. 18-420 Visual artist needs start-up advice, and help with copyright registration.