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Case # Legal Category Arts Category Client Type Description
18-585 Visual Art Pro Bono

Contract: Scholarship. 18-585 NFP educational group needs help setting up a scholarship program for art students.

18-625 Film/TV, Performance Art, Theater Pro Bono

Dispute: Property Damage. 18-625 Actor was involved in an automobile collision with a taxi driver. The client's vehicle was totaled. Neither client nor the taxi driver had insurance and client needs help evaluating his options.

18-640 Visual Art Pro Bono

Contracts: Visual Art. 18-640 Client needs help setting up an online auction for works of visual art.

18-657 Film/TV Pro Bono

Dispute: Film. 18-657 Freelance camera-man was notified by his ISP that they planned to disclose his name in connection with an alleged illegal download of a movie. According to the client, he has not illegally downloaded any movies. Client needs legal advice regarding the best course of action.

18-689 Music Pro Bono

Contract Review: Music. Music Director, an independent contractor for a church choir, needs counsel to help him evaluate changes, the church proposed, to the terms of his agreement.

18-719 Dance, Film/TV, Music, Performance Art, Theater Pro Bono

Trademark and Copyright: Arts Education. NFP that teaches drama and dance in underserved communities needs help resolving a dispute with another NFP. Without a formal merger the two organizations collaborated on several projects that resulted in jointly developed intellectual property. They no longer wish to work together and client needs help understanding what rights belong to her organization and what rights belong to other organization.

18-720 Visual Art Pro Bono

Contract: Visual Artist. 18-720 Local visual artist agreed to give an agent exclusive representation of her work in Florida. Since then Client paid the agent a fee and sent a painting to her. The agent lost track of the painting and now is asking for the balance of the fees. Client needs help terminating the contract.