Volunteer Attorney Information

Welcome to Lawyers for the Creative Arts! We encourage you to join us and to assist our many clients who are in need of valuable legal expertise.

Some think that LCA only offers intellectual property pro bono assignments.  The truth is that we work with artists and emerging professionals in the entertainment industry, and in order to practice their arts successfully, our clients truly need to run a business.  Every business has a number of legal problems--from the first steps toward entity formation, to contracts, to intellectual property protection, to disputes and litigation.

LCA offers clients assistance with their business structure and contract needs in addition to providing advice on how to protect all forms of intellectual property, including visual arts, music, dance, screenplays, literature, motion pictures, and designs.  We also provide assistance with disputes and litigation and offer dispute resolution through our Patricia Felch Arts Mediation Service.  We sometimes assist in additional areas of law, including employment, estates, immigration, and taxation. 

How do we do it?  LCA has a small staff; yet we help thousands of clients each year.  We depend upon hundreds of dedicated volunteer lawyers.  These attorneys are great people, like you, who give their time and expertise to help our clients.  They love the challenge and the chance to work with creative people on interesting and stimulating legal matters, while giving back to the art and entertainment community.

You can be a part of this dynamic and growing network of volunteer attorneys.  We benefit from expertise in all areas of law.  No matter your area of expertise, we likely have a client in need of your advice.  Some of our assignments are small, and some are more complex.  All generally fit into a 5-25 hour time commitment.  Please review our FAQ and complete your Volunteer Registration.  We will then send you our regular list of pro bono opportunities and look forward to hearing back from you.

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