Lawyers for the Creative Arts Associate Board

About the LCA Associate Board

View the images and flyers on this page to learn more about the exciting events the Associate Board presents.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Associate Board, please email Daryl Ritchie at

Associate Board Members

Executive Board Officers

Amanda Alasauskas

Vice President
Gina Gerardi

John G. Moustis Jr.

Kenneth Matuszewski

Social Media Manager
Thomas Kliebhan

Executive Board At Large Members and Committee Chairs
Alexander Karana
Michael Reed
Michelle M. Wahl


General Body

Reid Anrod
Jessica Bahr
John Bathke
Kate Battle
Jeffrey S. Becker
Jack Bentley
Jonathan Brown
Ross Carlson
Kelly V. Carter
Troy Chinnici
Stephanie Cueman
RJ Curington
Sidney Dawsey
Keegan Dyer
Jessica A. Ekhoff
Jed Enlow
Karl Felbinger
Natalie Fine
Ehren M. Fournier
Andrea S. Fuelleman
Kahlia Halpern
Carla Ham
Victoria Hanson
Florence Hardy
Kristin Holmes
Dalton Hughes
Aaron Kacel
Deanna R. Kunze

Katie Lee
Travis Life
David Lindner
Brett A. Manchel
Brendan McGraw
Cameron McIntyre
Mark McLoughlin
Odell Mitchell III
Sabina Nedkova
Alyssa Newswanger
Catherine E. O'Brien
Joshua Pagan
Taaj Reaves
Ana Ruge-Rodela
Marisa Schutz
Adam Smestad
Gwen H. Stewart
Ashleigh A. Stochel
Emily Sulentic
​Reeya Thakrar
Madelaine Thomas
Alexa Tipton
Charles Tortorice
William J. Voller III
Ross Williams
S. Zahra Zavari
Ilya G. Zlatkin


Associate Board Highlights

Next on Center Stage

Learn more about The Associate Board's 2021 project to interview venue owners throughout Chicago.


Open Bibliography: Fair Use, Copyright, and You

The LCA Associate Board, in partnership with the Loyola University Library, assembled a panel to discuss the tools available for artists, archivists, librarians, and academics to access protected works while discussing strategies for working with existing copyright restrictions. 


Social Events


2019 Spring Shindy