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These disputes illustrate that streaming has changed Hollywood drastically and that entertainment lawyers must be more creative when drafting client contracts while staying conscious of union developments across the industry.

Though it may seem like streaming services have already fully entrenched themselves as the present and future of television, behind the scenes, the transition away from broadcast business models is still very much in progress and creating strife within a few of the major entertainment unions. Two major Hollywood union disputes in recent years have shown the complicated task facing entertainment lawyers moving forward.

Why and How Small Arts Organizations Should Develop an Internal Complaint Procedure for Responding to Reports of Harassment and Discrimination

Zelina Gaytan was a museum attendant at the San Diego Museum of Art. On July 9, 2021, she filed a lawsuit against her former employer alleging pervasive sexual and racial misconduct. Among other allegations, she claims teenage staff members were repeatedly asked out on dates and followed to their cars by older staff, volunteer docents referred to darker Latinos as “savages” and likened Frida Kahlo to a “Muppet”, and that Black and Latino employees weren’t promoted to leadership roles.

Sneakers (I’m sure you’ve heard of them) were once only known for their primary function—athleticism. Now, and over the last several decades, they have become fashionable and desirable objects (I even had a middle school teacher who had a different pair of sneakers for every day of the school year).

In this post, our contributors will check in on two timely IP cases, and discuss the implications of these cases for arts and entertainment law.

Marderosian v. Comcast

If you’re an artist on the cusp of taking your career to the next level, you will likely need a team of professionals to help you cross that threshold. When you should hire a manager will vary greatly depending on your current workload, how much work you want to do yourself, your experience in the industry, and a variety of other factors. The purpose of this article is not to determine when you should hire a manager, but rather list some of the most important issues you must consider when reviewing a management contract.