Case #Legal CategoryArts CategoryClient TypeDescriptionTraining MaterialsLaw Library
23-0056Other, Trademark InfringementLiteraturePro Bono

23-0056 Writer has written a children's book that features a famous toy produced by a large toy company. Writer needs counsel to evaluate risk of exposure and advice on avoiding claims of trademark infringement.

23-0068Contracts, Copyright Protection/LicensingTheaterPro Bono

23-0068 Theatre artist plans to re-mount a devised work that she created with a number of collaborators. She needs counsel to draft a collaboration agreement to clarify rights ownership and permissions.

Representing the LCA Theater Client: Overview of Theater Law Topics
23-0031Copyright Protection/LicensingMusicPro Bono

23-0031 Nonprofit organization that organizes educational music performances and competitions for grade 7-12 students needs counsel to draft a disclaimer or terms of use that encourage participating schools and students to properly license the music to be performed and limit the potential liability of the organization.


23-0071 Start-up music production company needs counsel to draft a producer agreement.

23-0080Contracts, DisputesMusicPaying

23-0080 A tribute band that operates as a corporation recently had two band members (and part owners of the corporation) state their intention to leave the band. Remaining member needs counsel to provide advice on next steps for the corporation and draft a shareholder buyout agreement.

22-1129Contracts, Copyright Protection/LicensingLiterature, TheaterPro Bono

22-1129 Playwright wrote a play that was recently staged in Chicago. She needs counsel to provide general copyright advice and counsel regarding performance licensing.

Representing the LCA Theater Client: Overview of Theater Law Topics
22-1122Business Startup/Corporate, ContractsFilm/TVPro Bono

22-1122 Filmmakers are working on a short film and have been offered a Production Investment Agreement by a foreign distributor. They need counsel to review and help negotiate the terms of the agreement.

23-0082ContractsFilm/TV, MusicPro Bono

23-0082 Experimental/pop recording artist has been offered a music publishing agreement and a recording agreement by a company in the UK. Artist needs counsel to review the agreements and evaluate her rights and responsibilities under the contracts.

23-0023Copyright Protection/LicensingVisual ArtPro Bono

23-0023 Visual artist has developed a artistic concept whereby he goes out in public, invites people to paint on his body/clothing and then clean the paintbrushes on a piece of canvas. He needs counsel to evaluate his rights in the painted clothing and canvas and, if appropriate, assist with copyright registration.

Copyright Principles in the Arts: Overview of Copyright Issues in the Arts
23-0025Contracts, DisputesDancePro Bono

23-0025 Nonprofit dance school has been offering classes using a space owned by another dance company since early 2021. There is no formal contract for use of the space. The two organizations recently realized that no invoices for use of the space had been sent or paid since the first month of use. The dance company that owns the space has demanded payment for the previous months of use. Nonprofit dance school needs counsel to assist with settlement negotiations.

22-1108Contracts, DisputesMusicPaying

22-1108 Clients are the siblings of a deceased violinist. One of the violinist's instruments was consigned to a violin shop in Chicago and eventually sold. The violin shop has so far failed to complete payment. Clients need counsel to help recover the amounts owed.

22-1145Contracts, DisputesDance, TheaterPro Bono

22-1145 Theatre artist hired a media company to manage the social media presence for a holiday theatrical production. Theatre artist paid, but the media company did not perform the work. Theatre artist needs counsel to help recover the amounts paid.

22-0527Copyright InfringementOtherPro Bono

22-0527 Documentarian produced an audio documentary about UFOs in the 70s. Someone has made the documentary available online without compensating the rightsholders. Documentarian needs counsel to help evaluate a claim for copyright infringement.

Copyright Principles in the Arts: Copyright Litigation
22-1135Personal Injury/Damage to PropertyFilm/TVPro Bono

22-1135 Videographer was working a job for a client when his equipment was stolen from the area in which he was directed to store it. Videographer's client is unwilling to reimburse him for the loss. Videographer needs counsel to help evaluate a claim for reimbursement.

23-0075Trademark ProtectionFilm/TVPro Bono

23-0075 Founder of film and entertainment website needs help responding to a USPTO Office Action. USPTO response states that there is a potential for likelihood of confusion between founder's mark and other prior filed pending applications and that founder's identification of services is too indefinite and too broad.

Trademark Principles in the Arts: Overview of Trademark Issues in the Arts
23-0001Business Startup/Corporate, DisputesMusic, Visual ArtPro Bono

22-1158 Small nonprofit intending to provide support and arts programming for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities was recently denied licensure from the Illinois Department of Human Services. They need counsel to assist with an appeal of the denial.

23-0042EstatesFilm/TVPro Bono

23-0042 Documentary filmmaker needs assistance with estate planning.

23-0016Landlord-TenantVisual ArtPro Bono

23-1171 Visual artist needs general landlord-tenant advice regarding her long-term home rental.

23-0043ContractsRadio/VoicePro Bono

23-0043 Nonprofit organization that promotes and preserves Irish and Irish-American culture needs counsel to provide legal advice and contracts in connection with its acquisition of a streaming platform promoting Irish music, heritage & culture.

23-0058ContractsMusic, Visual ArtPro Bono

23-0058 Musician and visual artist is starting an arts business through which they intend to sell existing music and visual art as well as take commissions for the creation of new works. They need counsel to provide general start-up and IP advice and draft standard contracts.

23-0044Business Startup/Corporate, Copyright Protection/LicensingMusicPro Bono

23-0044 Traditional Chicago blues musician needs assistance with entity formation and general advice regarding music royalties.