Case #Legal CategoryArts CategoryClient TypeDescriptionTraining MaterialsLaw Library
22-0875Not for Profit Advice, Copyright Protection/LicensingLiterature, Visual ArtPro Bono

22-0875 Client is interested in re-launching a series of magazines catering to the black middle class and black gay communities of Chicago. The original owners of the magazines are deceased, and client needs counsel to help determine the status of, and eventually acquire, the copyright and trademark rights associated with the magazines.

22-0537Copyright Protection/LicensingLiteraturePro Bono

22-0537 Author is creating a book that compiles stories about transcendental meditation and plans to solicit short stories from other writers. She needs counsel to draft an agreement for these contributors.

22-0693Other, Copyright Protection/LicensingFilm/TVPro Bono

22-0693 Filmmaker working on a documentary film about a local artist needs counsel to draft a life rights agreement to present to the artist's estate. Filmmaker also needs a standard Personal Release and Location Release contracts.

22-0868ContractsVisual ArtPro Bono

22-0868 Artist who makes uniquely designed drinkware is planning to contract with a Chinese manufacturing company to mass produce her work. She needs counsel to draft the agreement.

22-0837Contracts, Copyright Protection/LicensingMusicPro Bono

22-0837 Singer-songwriter needs counsel to draft a Producer Agreement to memorialize a planned royalty sharing arrangement with a producer.

22-0494Business Startup/Corporate, ContractsMusicPro Bono

22-0494 DJ has started a company to administer the rights for DJ mixes. He has a broad Catalog Agreement, but he needs counsel to review the contract and adapt it to license/administer limited rights - mechanical, master use, and derivative works.

22-0915ContractsDance, Performance ArtPro Bono

22-0915 TIME SENSITIVE MATTER: Multimedia artist's work is currently being exhibited publicly in the Chicago Loop. She would like to submit the work for exhibition with another local institution, but needs counsel to review the contract with the public exhibitor to determine her rights and responsibilities under the agreement.

22-0786Contracts, Copyright Protection/LicensingMusicPro Bono

22-0786 Singer and recording artist who infuses reggae with pop and R&B needs counsel to review two distribution agreements.

22-0858ContractsFilm/TVPro Bono

22-0858 Nonprofit that creates videos for the disabled community has received a federal grant and needs counsel to review the grant agreement.

22-0845ContractsPerformance ArtPro Bono

22-0845 Magician and performer has been offered an independent contractor agreement and needs counsel to review the agreement and advise on the inherent worker classification concerns.

22-0899ContractsVisual ArtPro Bono

22-0899 Artist entered into a license agreement with a company that would sell NFTs of her artwork. Artist now wishes to terminate the agreement. She needs counsel to review the agreement and advise as to her rights and responsibilities.

22-0870ContractsFilm/TV, TheaterPro Bono

22-0870 Performing artist runs a live storytelling show. She has been offered an option & purchase agreement by a producer interested in adapting the live show into a television show. Artist needs counsel to review the agreement.

22-0712Copyright Infringement, Copyright Protection/LicensingOther, Visual ArtPro Bono

22-0712 Digital artist and designer is developing a line of original 3D printable gaming models influenced and inspired by a line of miniatures released during the 90s and 00s. Artist needs counsel to evaluate whether his designs infringe on the earlier miniatures and advise on best practices for protecting his original works.

22-0864Copyright Protection/LicensingVisual ArtPro Bono

22-0864 Game designer created and published mobile phone game and needs counsel to assist with copyright registration.

22-0362DisputesLiterature, Visual ArtPro Bono

22-0362 Client is a visual artist and author. She has taken classes from a local writing school for many years. In the most recent session, she submitted a late payment, and the school expelled her. Client is seeking the return of the submitted payment.

22-0669DisputesVisual ArtPaying

22-0669 Graphic designer was hired to design several issues of a magazine without a formal agreement. Designer completed work on 3 issues, but due to difficulties in the working relationship and ability to obtain payment, terminated the arrangement. Magazine has failed to complete payment for services rendered and has demanded that designer turn over all source files for the work completed. Designer needs counsel to assist with recovery of fees for services rendered and advise on her rights and obligations with regard to completed work.

22-0666Copyright Infringement, Copyright Protection/LicensingLiteraturePro Bono

22-0666 Several years ago, author pitched a book idea to her agent at the time. Author is no longer represented by this agent. A different author represented by this agent recently announced a publishing deal for a book about the same idea. Author suspects that the agent shared her idea with the other author. She needs counsel to evaluate any potential claim for copyright infringement or a breach of the agent's duties.

22-0527Copyright InfringementOtherPro Bono

22-0527 Documentarian produced an audio documentary about UFOs in the 70s. Someone has made the documentary available online without compensating the rightsholders. Documentarian needs counsel to help evaluate a claim for copyright infringement.

Copyright Principles in the Arts: Copyright Litigation
22-0215Copyright InfringementMusicPro Bono

22-0215 Client is a rapper who tells stories about the realities of living in Chicago. Client released a song and related music video in 2012. Several times throughout the last few years, another performer has posted music and videos online of a new song that uses the client's lyrics. Client needs counsel to help evaluate a claim for copyright infringement.

Copyright Principles in the Arts: Copyright Litigation
22-0455Copyright InfringementMusicPro Bono

22-0455 TIME SENSITIVE MATTER: Recording artist wrote, recorded, and copyrighted a song in 2017. Shortly afterwards, he sent a copy of the song to a well known music producer and artist. A year later, the producer and artist released a song with many similar elements, including title, chord structure, rhythm, and lyrics. Client is involved in ongoing copyright infringement litigation in the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois over this dispute. Previous counsel had to withdraw and artist is seeking representation for the ongoing litigation.

Copyright Principles in the Arts: Copyright Litigation
22-0507Copyright InfringementMusicPro Bono

22-0507 DJ and composer client wrote and published song in 2014. Over the last several years, another company has been using a sample of the original sound recording in their releases. Client has filed several DMCA notices, and has received at least one counternotice. Client needs counsel to help evaluate a claim for copyright infringement.

Copyright Principles in the Arts: Copyright Litigation
22-0608Copyright InfringementVisual ArtPro Bono

22-0608 Visual artist working on canvas recently discovered that prints of his artwork are listed for sale on a Russian website without his permission. He needs counsel to evaluate a claim for copyright infringement.

Copyright Principles in the Arts: Copyright Litigation
22-0585Personal Injury/Damage to PropertyFilm/TVPro Bono

22-0585 Filmmaker hired an art studio/gallery to digitally reproduce a painting. Studio/gallery allegedly destroyed the painting. Filmmaker needs counsel to help evaluate a claim for conversion

22-0156OtherFilm/TVPro Bono

22-0156 Filmmaker client is a member of a film production LLC that was created to produce a film project about football. Client spent a great deal of his own money on the project and believes that he has not been properly compensated per the operating agreement, and wishes to dissolve the LLC and be made whole. Client needs counsel to review the relevant documents and evaluate his rights, and if appropriate, assist with his exit from, or the dissolution of, the LLC.

22-0330Employment, OtherVisual ArtPro Bono

22-0330 Visual artist was recently fired from a teaching position with a local art school. He believes he has a claim for race-based employment discrimination and needs counsel to evaluate his claim.

22-0699EmploymentOtherPro Bono

22-0699 Former employee of a nonprofit organization that manages an artist retreat was repeatedly mistreated by her employer. She reported this treatment to the board and eventually resigned, and needs counsel to evaluate a claim of constructive discharge.

22-0467Employment, Not for Profit AdviceVisual ArtPro Bono

22-0467 Nonprofit that provides social and emotional learning programming for schools was recently informed by the IDES that they are now required to contribute to the unemployment fund. Nonprofit filed an appeal and needs counsel to evaluate their current status and obligations, and provide advice going forward.

22-0844Employment, DisputesOther, Visual ArtPro Bono

22-0844 Fashion designer did some work for a fashion brand as an independent contractor from 2020-2021. She did not have a formal agreement with the brand. She recently discovered that the brand is planning to release two of the designs she created during that time. Designer needs counsel to evaluate her rights and any claim for infringement of her intellectual property.

22-0739Landlord-TenantPerformance ArtPro Bono

22-0739 Circus performer signed a lease for an apartment. Lease included rules for on-site laundry facilities. After the lease was signed, landlord disclosed more restrictive rules regarding the use of the on-site laundry facilities. Client would not have signed the lease if those rules had been disclosed earlier. Client notified landlord that she was breaking the lease and needs counsel to advise on her rights and obligations going forward.

21-1202Contracts, DisputesLiteraturePro Bono

21-1202 Author published several books with various self-publishing companies and does not believe that he has received appropriate royalty payments. He needs counsel to obtain a sales and royalty accounting from the publishers.

22-0697Disputes, Not for Profit AdvicePerformance Art

22-0697 Employees of nonprofit organization need legal advice regarding potential liability arising from ongoing corporate governance issues.

21-1168Visa and Immigration, Not for Profit AdviceDancePro Bono

21-1168 Established Chicago dance company is starting a year long training program and has received inquiries of participation from international students. Company wants to accept these students and believes they need to obtain status as an SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program) approved school. Company needs counsel to advise and assist them in this process.

22-0815Visa and ImmigrationVisual ArtPro Bono

22-0815 Visual artist specializing in metal and glass work has received an offer to work in a studio. The studio is willing to sponsor artist's work visa, but they are unfamiliar with the process. Artist needs counsel to advise and assist.

22-0593Not for Profit AdviceDance, OtherPro Bono

22-0593 Nonprofit arts history/education organization has begun the process of winding down and dissolving the entity and needs advice on the dissolution process.

22-0749Not for Profit AdviceOtherPro Bono

22-0749 Local nonprofit organization that provides hair braiding and hair care education to transracial adoptive and foster families is interested in opening affiliate locations in other states and needs counsel to advise on the best way to structure such an expansion.

22-0717Other, Not for Profit AdviceFilm/TVPro Bono

22-0717 Nonprofit (501(c)(6)) organization that advocates for the Illinois film production community needs general advice and counsel regarding their state and federal compliance requirements.

22-0795Not for Profit AdviceLiterature, OtherPro Bono

22-0795 Organization that supports freelance writers in Chicago is planning to convert from a 501(c)(6) organization to a 501(c)(3) organization. They need counsel to advise on and assist with the process.

22-0606Disputes, Not for Profit AdviceArts Education, Performance Art, Visual ArtPro Bono

22-0606 Nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting visual artists needs counsel to prepare a complaint/conflict resolution procedure for the artists served by the organization.

22-0640Not for Profit AdviceArts Education, MusicPro Bono

22-0640 Pending nonprofit organization is planning to obtain tax-exempt status to raise scholarship funds to pay for music lessons for children provided by a for-profit music school. Organization needs general nonprofit advice and assistance with a conflict of interest policy.

22-0804Not for Profit AdviceMusicPro Bono

22-084 Classical music ensemble dedicated to performing and promoting music by womxn and gender-nonconforming composers needs counsel to help them transition from an LLC to a nonprofit organization.

22-0790Not for Profit AdviceMusic, TheaterPro Bono

22-0790 Nonprofit theatre company has begun the process of winding down and dissolving the entity and needs advice on the dissolution process and options for distribution of the entity's assets.

22-0878Not for Profit AdvicePerformance ArtPro Bono

22-0878 Nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing Peruvian culture, lifestyle, and music needs counsel to help them obtain tax exempt status.

22-0776Business Startup/CorporateFilm/TVPro Bono

22-0776 Filmmaker plans to produce a self-funded film and needs general start-up advice and assistance with LLC formation.

22-0867Business Startup/Corporate, Copyright Protection/LicensingFilm/TV, Visual ArtPro Bono

22-0867 Filmmaker needs general start-up advice and assistance with LLC formation.

22-0909Business Startup/Corporate, ContractsFilm/TVPaying

22-0909 Filmmaker working on a short surrealist film needs general start-up advice and assistance with LLC formation.

22-0857Business Startup/Corporate, ContractsMusic, OtherPro Bono

22-0857 Music producer and sound engineer needs general start-up advice and help with LLC formation.

22-0603Business Startup/CorporateVisual ArtPro Bono

22-0603 Collective of Chicago photographers that presents exhibitions and regular meetings would like to create a formal entity and needs counsel to assist with choice of entity and entity formation.

22-0812Business Startup/Corporate, Copyright Protection/LicensingVisual ArtPro Bono

22-0812 Photographer who primarily shoots landscapes, cityscapes, and events needs start-up advice and help with LLC formation.

22-0798Trademark Infringement, Copyright Protection/LicensingMusicPro Bono

22-0798 Local band has been using a certain band name for 10+ years. They were recently contacted by a band with a similar name that seems to be requesting that the client band refrain from using the name in the future. Client band needs counsel to advise on their rights and potential risks.

22-0860Trademark ProtectionVisual ArtPro Bono

22-0860 Designer plans to start an apparel brand and needs counsel to assist with trademark registration for one word mark and a logo.

22-0890Trademark ProtectionOtherPro Bono

22-0890 Artist is developing a musical program designed to teach children of color how to read. She needs counsel to assist with trademark registration for one mark.

22-0861Trademark Protection, Copyright Protection/LicensingMusic, Visual ArtPro Bono

22-0861 NFT Multimedia artist needs assistance to register one mark. Client also has some questions about copyright registration.

Trademark Principles in the Arts: Overview of Trademark Issues in the Arts
22-0574OtherDancePro Bono

22-0574 Longstanding NFP dance company that presents dance classes needs general advice on requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for students, reasonable accommodations, and related privacy concerns.