Case #Legal CategoryArts CategoryClient TypeDescriptionTraining MaterialsLaw Library
23-0508Copyright Infringement, Copyright Protection/LicensingLiteraturePro Bono

23-0508 Author of a historical nonfiction book about participants in the American Revolution needs counsel to assist with a content clearance issue. He paraphrases and quotes content from other nonfiction works and needs help determining whether such uses are fair use or would require a license.

23-0311Business Startup/Corporate, ContractsFilm/TVPro Bono

23-0311 Film production company is developing an international film with a company based in Singapore and needs counsel to draft a co-production agreement.

23-0505Business Startup/Corporate, ContractsFilm/TVPro Bono

23-0505 Filmmaker plans to shoot a feature film later this year and needs counsel to draft a standard co-production agreement.

23-0312Contracts, Copyright Protection/LicensingMusic, TheaterPro Bono

23-0312 Producer, composer, and librettist are developing a musical theatrical work about LGBTQ history in the US. They need counsel to draft an agreement clarifying their roles, rights, and responsibilities.

23-0445Not for Profit AdviceVisual ArtPro Bono

23-0445 Nonprofit that seeks to create, display, and support interactive arts and civic participation that inspires action is planning to fiscally sponsor a number of smaller entities and groups. They need counsel to draft a standard fiscal sponsorship agreement.

23-0476Contracts, Copyright Protection/LicensingVisual ArtPaying

23-0476 Hand-painted signs and design studio was hired to produce a mural for a coffee shop. The studio hired a subcontractor to assist with the design of the mural. There was no written agreement with either party. Now that the mural has been completed, there is some dispute as to copyright ownership/licensing. They need counsel to help communicate with the hiring party and assist with a licensing/assignment agreement.

23-0470Copyright Protection/LicensingLiterature, MusicPro Bono

23-0470 Artist has created a series of guided visualizations, and they are preparing to beta test them with a collection of participants. They need counsel to draft a standard participant agreement.

23-0330ContractsFashionPro Bono

23-0330 Fashion entrepreneur that produces fashion events needs counsel to review and update their standard event sponsorship agreement.

23-0481Contracts, Copyright Protection/LicensingPhotography, Visual ArtPaying

23-0481 Online photography gallery needs counsel to draft two client-facing contracts: (1) a artist representation agreement, and (2) a copyright assignment agreement.

23-0395ContractsFilm/TVPro Bono

23-0395 Film producer is developing a film alongside a nonprofit film production company. The nonprofit production company recently offered the producer a new coproduction agreement, and the producer needs counsel to review the contract.

23-0482Contracts, Copyright Protection/LicensingFilm/TVPro Bono

23-0482 Filmmakers have been offered a distribution deal and need counsel to review the proposed agreement. They also need general guidance around E&O insurance.

23-0490Contracts, Copyright Protection/LicensingPhotography, Visual ArtPaying

23-0490 Photographer and visual artist needs counsel to review a number of standard contracts they plan to use with customers and clients.

23-0240Trademark Protection, Copyright Protection/LicensingVisual ArtPro Bono

23-0240 Visual artist is creating a line of wallpaper borders that incorporate functional picture frames. She needs counsel to evaluate her rights in the designs and, if appropriate, assist with copyright registration.

23-0029DisputesLiteraturePro Bono

23-0029 Author published a book with a large DIY publisher but has not received any royalties. Client needs help securing a royalty statement and determining if the publisher is withholding royalty payments.

23-0184EmploymentOther, Visual ArtPro Bono

23-0184 Nonprofit organization that provides donated supplies and equipment to arts organizations and schools recently hired two independent contractors. They later discovered that the two independent contractors are in a relationship. One independent contractor is no longer coming in due to an alleged instance of domestic violence which they claim was perpetrated by the other independent contractor. The nonprofit organization needs counsel to evaluate their options and obligations when addressing this situation.

23-0328Contracts, DisputesLiterature

23-0328 Author is developing a semi-fictional book inspired by a model based in Uruguay. After a previous contract dispute with the model, the parties entered into a settlement agreement that included representations by the model that he would not obstruct the author's ability to access the model's public social media pages. Since the execution of the settlement agreement, the model has blocked the author on a prominent photo sharing social media site. Author seeks counsel to help evaluate a claim for breach of the contract.

23-0303DisputesFilm/TVPro Bono

23-0303 Filmmaker was hired to create a promotional video for a local food company. Filmmaker has been paid for the shoot, but not for the post production work. Filmmaker needs counsel to help recover the amounts owed.

23-0263DisputesOtherPro Bono

23-0263 Photographer was hired by a personal injury law firm to take professional headshots. Photographer provided a price sheet before the shoot, and issued an invoice accordingly. Photographer provided the photos to the law firm, but they are now refusing to pay the full amount of the invoice. Photographer needs counsel to help recover the amounts owed.

23-0245Disputes, Landlord-TenantVisual Art

23-0245 Visual artist has had a commercial lease on studio space for several years. Prior to the pandemic, he fell behind on rent. The lease eventually expired, but artist continued occupying the space and making attempts to pay off the amounts owed. Landlord filed suit in 2021, and a judgment was entered against the artist in May 2023. Artist now seeks to vacate the judgement and needs counsel to assist.

22-0527Copyright InfringementOtherPro Bono

22-0527 Documentarian produced an audio documentary about UFOs in the 70s. Someone has made the documentary available online without compensating the rightsholders. Documentarian needs counsel to help evaluate a claim for copyright infringement.

Copyright Principles in the Arts: Copyright Litigation
23-0191Copyright InfringementMusicPro Bono

23-0191 House musician released a recording in the 80s, and recently discovered two musical compositions that use very similar lyrical and rhythmic sequences. Musician needs counsel to help evaluate a claim for copyright infringement.

23-0337Copyright InfringementMusicPro Bono

23-0337 Recording artist wrote, recorded, and copyrighted a song in 2017. Shortly afterwards, he sent a copy of the song to a well known music producer and artist. A year later, the producer and artist released a song with many similar elements, including title, chord structure, rhythm, and lyrics. Client is involved in ongoing copyright infringement litigation in the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois over this dispute. Previous counsel had to withdraw and artist is seeking representation for the ongoing litigation.

Copyright Principles in the Arts: Copyright Litigation
23-0473Copyright Infringement, Copyright Protection/LicensingOtherPro Bono

23-0473 Visual artist was hired to paint a mural in a local business. There was no formal contract, and now the owner of the business is selling apparel with prints of the mural. Visual artist needs counsel to help evaluate a claim for copyright infringement.

23-0187Personal Injury/Damage to PropertyFilm/TVPro Bono

23-0187 Filmmaker hired an art studio/gallery to digitally reproduce a painting. Studio/gallery allegedly destroyed the painting. Previous LCA counsel has determined that filmmaker has a viable claim for conversion, but this analysis is based on assumptions that cannot be confirmed without proceeding through discovery. Filmmaker needs counsel to help pursue this claim via litigation.

23-0425DisputesDancePro Bono

23-0425 Dance professional is working on a pay transparency project for the Chicago dance community. They plan to publish details about pay rates for various Chicago dance companies and need counsel to evaluate and mitigate risk of defamation.

22-1125Employment, DisputesOther, TheaterPro Bono

22-1125 Stage technician recently quit his job due to a number of workplace issues, including alleged harassment on the basis of religion. He needs counsel to help evaluate a claim for constructive discharge.

22-1135Personal Injury/Damage to PropertyFilm/TVPro Bono

22-1135 Videographer was working a job for a client when his equipment was stolen from the area in which he was directed to store it. Videographer's client is unwilling to reimburse him for the loss. Videographer needs counsel to help evaluate a claim for reimbursement.

23-0406Contracts, Rights of Privacy and PublicityVisual Art

23-0406 Visual artist was storing a collection of his art in a storage locker. He fell behind on rental payments, and the contents of the storage locker were auctioned off. He needs counsel to help evaluate his rights and options moving forward.

23-0438Copyright InfringementMusicPro Bono

23-0438 Musician wrote, recorded, and released a song as part of an album in 2010. He never registered with Harry Fox. Another band released a recording of the song he wrote, and he has never received any contact or royalties. He needs counsel to review the situation and evaluate his rights and options.

23-0099DisputesDance, Performance ArtPro Bono

23-0099 Choreographer and former plaintiff in unsuccessful civil rights arbitration against former employer needs advice in defending against order to pay award of costs assessed by arbitrator.

23-0045DisputesActing/ModelingPro Bono

23-0045 Actor maintains a personal social media page, as well as several commercial pages. His personal page was recently shut down, effectively denying him access to his commercial pages. Actor needs help regaining access to his accounts.

23-0496Contracts, OtherTheaterContingent Fee

23-0496 Client is a theatrical producer. Several years ago, a judgment was entered ordering client to pay a large sum of money to another production company, and allowing the other production company to withhold royalty payments until such time that the judgment was satisfied. Client now believes that the judgement was satisfied several years ago, but the adverse party refuses to provide an accounting. Client recently filed suit for fraud, unjust enrichment, abuse of process, and accounting. Current counsel is winding down their practice and plans to withdraw. Client needs counsel to assist with litigation.

23-0216Employment, DisputesPerformance ArtPro Bono

23-0216 Actor recently resigned from his day job after a number of disrespectful and hostile workplace incidents. Actor needs counsel to help evaluate a claim for workplace harassment.

23-0497EmploymentPerformance Art, TheaterPro Bono

23-0497 Social justice theater company is preparing to hire teaching artists to work with children in summer programming and in partnership with school districts. Theater company needs counsel to help evaluate whether these artists are mandate reporters and identifying any required training.

23-0462Employment, Visa and ImmigrationVisual ArtPro Bono

23-0462 Visual artist and arts educator from Peru is currently on an OPT visa that expires in December 2023. They need counsel to help evaluate their options and advise on the process of obtaining a new visa

23-0504Not for Profit AdviceTheaterPro Bono

23-0504 Nonprofit theatre company currently operating as a private foundation is seeking to switch to a public charity classification. They need counsel to assist with this transition.

23-0471Business Startup/Corporate, Not for Profit AdviceMusic, Performance ArtPro Bono

23-0471 Nonprofit dedicated to music education lost their tax-exempt status some years ago after an incident involving the financial malfeasance of a staff member. The organization needs counsel to assist with the reinstatement of their tax-exempt status or potentially form a new entity.

23-0493Business Startup/CorporateOther, Visual ArtPaying

23-0493 Arts entrepreneur created a card game and wants to start a formal business entity. He needs general start-up advice, help with choice of entity, and assistance with formation documents.

23-0192Trademark ProtectionOtherPro Bono

22-0192 Culinary artist needs counsel to assist with trademark protection for a word mark.

23-0420Trademark ProtectionFashionPro Bono

23-0420 Fashion designer needs counsel to assist with trademark protection for two word marks.