Case #Legal CategoryArts CategoryClient TypeDescriptionTraining MaterialsLaw Library
20-110Contracts, DisputesMusicPro Bono

20-110 Husband and wife members of a band are in the midst of a divorce and need help drafting an agreement that identifies their respective rights in the band's musical compositions and recordings.

Representing the LCA Music Client: Band Agreements
20-169Business Startup/Corporate, Copyright Protection/LicensingDesign/Graphic Design, Photography, Visual ArtPro Bono

20-169 Graduate student artist sells digital images that are composites of her original photos and needs start-up advice, help with business structure and advice regarding copyright registration.

Overview of Copyright Issues in the Arts
20-397Copyright Protection/LicensingMusicPro Bono

20-397 NFP choir group conducting live-streamed sing-alongs for dementia patients seeks counsel to help identify the rights needed for this activity.

Representing the LCA Music Client: Rights in Musical Compositions
20-481Employment, DisputesDance, Music, Other, Performance ArtPro Bono

20-481 Music educator has questions about a pay dispute with a private school.

20-505Copyright InfringementFilm/TV, PhotographyPro Bono

20-505 Client posted a blog related to living with a disability during a pandemic. A UK firm copied and posted Client's entire blog verbatim, including the pictures and video. Client needs counsel to draft a cease and desist letter to the infringer.

20-520OtherFilm/TV, Music, Visual ArtPro Bono

20-520 Multi-disciplinary artist engaged in visual art and music needs help drafting a will and a trust.

20-586Contracts, Trademark ProtectionFilm/TVPro Bono

20-586 Filmmaker is in the process of producing an action comedy and needs help with trademark registration.

Representing the LCA Filmmaker: Overview
20-609DisputesFilm/TV, Performance ArtPro Bono

20-609 Producers and director of a film about racial injustice formed an LLC that owns the copyright to their film. One of the producers would like to remove himself from the LLC and the project. The other producer and the director need help drafting a Separation Agreement.

20-627ContractsFilm/TVPro Bono

20-627 Client one of the co-producers of a student film and his co-producer have artistic differences and Client would like counsel to assist with the termination of the Co-producer Agreement. Client needs a Separation Agreement and would like to be recognized for the work that he contributed to the project.

20-669ContractsMusicPro Bono

20-669 Instrumental guitar duo needs counsel to review an agreement to work with a licensing library.

Representing the LCA Music Client: Agreements with Third Parties
20-728Copyright Protection/LicensingMusicPro Bono

20-728 Client created a racial justice music video mashup and needs help evaluating whether she can rely on fair use for the use of the musical composition.

Copyright Principles in the Arts: Application and Analysis of Fair Use
20-753Visa and ImmigrationMusicPro Bono

20-753 Pianist is a non-US citizen currently in the US on an expiring visa. Client needs counsel to review his Eb1 Visa application form.

20-780DisputesVisual ArtPro Bono

20-780 Client performed consulting services for a local NFP organization, the organization is in default and client needs help recovering amounts owed.

20-782Employment, DisputesLiterature, Visual ArtPro Bono

Dispute: Employment (Employee side)
20-782 Client believes that she was terminated for improper reasons. She also believes that she should have the rights to a database that she created while employed. Client needs help negotiating a Separation Agreement that addresses these issues.

20-783Visa and ImmigrationVisual ArtPro Bono

20-783 Sculptor needs counsel to assist her in obtaining a O1B Visa.

20-789Rights of Privacy and Publicity, Disputes, Copyright Protection/LicensingMusicPro Bono

20-789 Client inherited a record label and recently discovered that a UK record label is about to release an album with music from Client's label. Client needs help evaluating a claim for copyright infringement.

20-809Trademark ProtectionMusicPro Bono

20-809 Hip hop artist needs help with trademark registration.

Overview of Trademark Issues in the Arts
20-816Copyright Protection/LicensingFilm/TVPro Bono

20-816 Documentary filmmaker needs help evaluating whether various aspects of his film, which is based on a popular children's movie, are protected by fair use.

Copyright Principles in the Arts: Application and Analysis of Fair Use
20-825ContractsFilm/TV, MusicPro Bono

20-825 Video film producer needs an Employment Agreement for two animators that he hired several months ago.

20-835Trademark ProtectionOtherPro Bono20-835 NFP, run by a young technology artist, created an audio/video career training program for students and needs help with trademark registration.Overview of Trademark Issues in the Arts
20-846OtherLiterature, Visual ArtPro Bono

20-846 Author is concerned about a nursing home attaching her bank account and needs legal advice regarding asset protection. Client is 74 and is planning for the future. She is not currently in a residential facility.

20-848Trademark ProtectionFilm/TVPro Bono

20-848 Student producer of a live action adventure film embedded in a comedy series needs help with trademark registration for two trademarks.

Overview of Trademark Issues in the Arts
20-852ContractsFashionPro Bono

20-852 Wardrobe consultant and photographer is considering hiring an agent and needs counsel to review the agent agreement and associated documents.

20-856Contracts, Other, Not for Profit Advice, Copyright Protection/LicensingFilm/TVPro Bono

20-856 NFP producing a documentary film needs assistance with copyright registration, content clearance for E&O insurance, assistance with acquiring the insurance and release agreements for co-writers.

Representing the LCA Filmmaker: Overview
20-860ContractsDance, Other, Performance ArtPro Bono

20-860 Online and at home dance instructor needs help with a liability waiver for students, including children, who are participating in her classes.

20-869ContractsLiteraturePro Bono

20-869 Part-time English instructor and author of a book on writing needs counsel to review a publishing agreement and represent her to the publishers.

Representing the LCA Writer: Common Contracts
20-872Rights of Privacy and PublicityMusicContingent Fee (PB Eligible)

20-872 Former member of a folk band needs help evaluating any claim she may have for violation of her right of publicity inasmuch as the current members of the band are continuing to use her image as an integral part of their marketing campaign.

20-884ContractsFilm/TVPro Bono

20-837 Client is a television producer who needs counsel to review two agreements, a Co-Producer Agreement and a Talent Option Agreement.

20-887ContractsMusicPro Bono

20-887 Father of a 16-year-old Rap artist needs counsel to review a Management Agreement that he received for his son.

20-892DisputesMusicPro Bono

20-892 Rap artist needs help recovering copies of two of her recording sessions from the studio where the sessions were done.

20-901DisputesDance, MusicPro Bono

20-901 Client paid for home repair but contractor failed to complete the work. Client needs help recovering amounts paid.

20-905ContractsMusicPro Bono

20-905 Hip hop artist needs counsel to review a Music License Agreement and a Songwriter Split Sheet for two of his songs that were selected to be included on a compilation album.

Representing the LCA Music Client: Rights in Musical Compositions
20-913Trademark InfringementVisual ArtPro Bono

20-913 Visual artist needs help regaining control of her former domain name. Client missed a GoDaddy payment and lost control of the domain name, which includes her trademark, and a cyber-squatter is demanding payment in exchange for the return of the rights to her domain.

Overview of Trademark Issues in the Arts
20-919DisputesTheaterContingent Fee (PB Eligible)

20-919 Improvisational performer has been the target of a social media campaign to damage his reputation. Client needs help evaluating his options and enforcing his rights.

20-939ContractsMusic, Performance ArtPro Bono

20-939 NFP in the business of performing at fundraising events needs a License Agreement for organizations that would like to use recorded versions of Client's performances in lieu of the live performances.

20-940Business Startup/Corporate, ContractsMusicPro Bono

20-940 Experimental musician/rapper needs counsel to review a Music License Agreement and a Split Sheet.

20-943Not for Profit AdviceVisual ArtPro Bono

20-943 NFP that provides arts education and art therapy is looking for a local attorney to serve on their Board and provide legal advice on various matters as they arise.

20-784ContractsFilm/TVContingent Fee (PB Eligible)

20-390 Screenwriter needs help collecting amounts due for services rendered. Client has pro bono CA counsel who would be happy to discuss the matter and provide relevant documents.

20-945Other, DisputesFilm/TVContingent Fee (PB Eligible)

20-945 Filmmaker was falsely accused on social media of having committed sexual assault. Client needs help evaluating his options and enforcing his rights.

20-948ContractsMusicPro Bono

20-948 Indie rock band with a strong jazz influence needs counsel to review a Music License/Record Label Agreement.

20-955Contracts, Copyright Protection/LicensingMusicPro Bono

20-955 Music composer, Client, wrote the instrumentals for a song at the request of a Canadian singer-songwriter. The singer-songwriter then wrote the lyrics and recorded the song. The parties are attempting to negotiate terms and Client needs help with a license agreement.

20-956OtherOtherPro Bono

20-956 501 (c) 3 NFP arts organization that would like to change the name of the organization, needs counsel to help evaluate their options and assist with the change.

20-959Disputes, Commercial LitigationMusicPro Bono

20-959 Three manager members of a formerly prominent Chicago music venue need help evaluating their rights with regard to a dispute with the other member. This request is for an evaluation and recommendations.

20-961Employment, Other, Copyright Protection/LicensingLiterature, OtherPro Bono

20-961 Founder of a literary NFP, that has been in existence for more than a decade, was a member of the Board of Directors and the Managing Editor of the organization when he was involuntarily removed from the Board after a new Executive Director launched a campaign to discredit and remove him from his position. Client needs help reviewing the situation and evaluating his options.

20-962ContractsLiteraturePro Bono

20-962 Author needs counsel to review an agreement to write a local travel guide.

20-963ContractsMusicPro Bono

20-963 Singer-songwriter working with a producer recorded a song over a producer's beat. A Swedish record label has offered Client a contract for her contribution to the song and Client needs counsel to review the Agreement.

20-981Business Startup/Corporate, Contracts, Not for Profit AdviceLiterature, Music, Performance Art, Visual ArtPro Bono

20-981 Start-up NFP organization, engaged in neighborhood revitalization, has questions about operating an art gallery as part of the NFP.