Case #Legal CategoryArts CategoryClient TypeDescriptionTraining MaterialsLaw Library
18-758Copyright Protection / Licensing, EmploymentPerformance ArtPro Bono18-758 Photographer who was hired to photograph business owner's clients, was treated as an independent contractor but paid as an employee. Client needs help evaluating her rights in the photographs.Overview of Copyright Issues in the Arts
19-086Copyright Protection / LicensingMusicPro Bono

19-086 Music producer needs help understanding the current law around the use of music samples in his work.

19-113Copyright Infringement, Copyright Protection / Licensing, Trademark InfringementLiterature, Visual ArtPro Bono

19-113 Graphic novelist needs counsel to help evaluate the risk posed by five items in his graphic novel. Issues include possible infringement of intellectual property rights and violation of privacy rights.

Representing the LCA Writer: Content Concerns
19-244Copyright InfringementVisual ArtPro Bono

19-244 Visual artist needs a cease and desist letter and copyright infringement evaluation. Counterfeit copies of enamel pins that he designed are being sold online. Referring attorney need not agree to commence litigation.

19-417EmploymentMusicPro Bono

19-417 NFP orchestra needs counsel to help them understand how unemployment compensation requirements apply to their organization.

19-420OtherFilm/TVPro Bono

19-420 Documentary film-maker, in a master's degree program, is producing a film about the challenges faced by three friends who left a cult like environment in which they had been raised. Client is concerned about a possible defamation claim and needs an attorney opinion letter to submit with his application for errors and omissions insurance.

19-477Copyright Protection / LicensingVisual ArtPro Bono

19-477 Visual artist was commissioned to paint a mural on the wall of a public school in the 1990s. The mural was later removed and client needs help evaluating his rights under the Visual Artists Rights Act.

19-491ContractsDance, Performance ArtPro Bono

19-491 NFP dance group needs help evaluating whether there are any legal issues they need to address before offering programs that include both adolescent girls and adults.

19-031Employment, Not for Profit AdviceMusicPro Bono19-031 NFP classical music group needs legal advice regarding structuring payments to its performers. They also have questions about board governance.
19-173bNot for Profit AdviceVisual ArtPro Bono19-173 NFP that publishes an art magazine needs help reinstating their 501(c)3 tax exemption which was revoked for failure to file 990s.
19-220bNot for Profit AdviceDance, Music, TheaterPro Bono19-220 Through its participating artists, Client creates art installation pieces that appeal to multiple senses. Client needs help transitioning from an LLC to a tax-exempt NFP.
19-234Copyright Infringement, DisputesMusicPro Bono19-234 Client wrote and recorded music that was used without authorization in several episodes of a television show. With the assistance of counsel, Client entered into a Settlement Agreement with the show's producers. Producer violated the settlement. Client needs help evaluating his claim.
19-213Employment, Not for Profit AdviceFilm/TVPro Bono19-213 NFP film group needs legal advice regarding their upcoming transition from an all-volunteer organization to one with paid staff.
19-197DisputesVisual ArtPaying19-197 Visual artist needs help recovering sculptural works that are in Madrid, Spain. The pieces were consigned to a gallery in Buenos Aires and the gallery owner transported them to Madrid for an art festival. All the communications between Client and the gallery are in Spanish.
19-521Copyright Protection / Licensing, Trademark ProtectionFashionPro Bono

19-521 Graphic and sportswear designer needs help with trademark protection.

19-522Contracts, Copyright Protection / LicensingMusicPro Bono

19-522 NFP Orchestra hired several composers to write music based on their experience in the city. The Orchestra needs help drafting a license agreement for the composers

Sample License Agreements available
19-489Trademark ProtectionFashion19-489 Client is a 14 year old clothing designer who needs help with trademark registration. His mother and his grandmother are assisting him with the legal aspects of his business.
19-539Contracts, Copyright Protection / LicensingLiterature, TheaterPro Bono

19-539 Client licensed the rights to an out-of-print book to adapt it for the theater. Client performed three staged readings of the play which have gone well. Recently, a well known author expressed an interest in optioning the rights to the book for a film adaptation. Client needs help confirming that their rights to the stage production are protected.

19-465OtherFilm/TVPro Bono

19-465 An experienced documentary filmmakers shot most of a feature length documentary film about Native American culture and needs help with his application to the Illinois Film Office for a Tax Credit.


19-501 Author of three works of fiction needs help securing royalty statements from his publishers and evaluating whether he has a claim for unpaid royalties. Referring attorney need not agree to commence litigation.

19-460DisputesFilm/TV, Literature, OtherPro Bono

19-460 Self-published author needs counsel to help her evaluate her rights under a publishing agreement. She would like to collect any royalties that are due and terminate the agreement. Volunteer attorney need not agree to commence litigation.
19-479Landlord-TenantLiterature, Music, Performance Art, Visual ArtPro Bono

19-479 Sound artist who hosts musical performances in his live/work space received a notice from the City of Chicago informing him that he needs a PPA license. Client needs help evaluating whether a PPA license or a PAV license is required for his shows.

19-395bDisputesVisual ArtPro Bono

19-395 Visual artist was the victim of a scam perpetrated though a credit card processing system, and the credit card company filed an action to collect from the artist. Client needs counsel to represent him in the defense of this claim.

19-492Trademark ProtectionOtherPro Bono

19-492 Greeting card app. developer needs help with trademark registration. He is working with LCA pro bono counsel on the patent application.

19-551DisputesArts Education, Film/TVPro Bono19-551 Client needs help evaluating her trademark infringement claims and sending cease and desist letters where appropriate. Counsel need not agree to commence litigation.
19-553ContractsVisualPro Bono

19-533 Visual artist received a contract to provide artwork and consulting services to a well known production company and needs help evaluating the offer.

19-555ContractsFilm/T.V.Pro Bono

19-555 Documentary filmmakers, producing a film about food supplies, need a Non-Disclosure Agreement and general advice regarding protecting their intellectual property.

19-557ContractsTheaterPro Bono

19-557 Small cultural arts museum,Client, is funding the production of a play and needs a contract with the playwright/producer that describes the rights and obligations of the parties.

Sample Production Agreements available
19-467DisputesVisual ArtPro Bono

19-467 Visual artist needs help enforcing a Consignment of Art Agreement against a local gallery.

19-563Contracts, Copyright Protection / LicensingMusicPro Bono

19-563 Music aggregation service needs start-up advice, and two license agreements. They need one license from artists that allows Client to market the artists music, and a second license to the music users.

19-568Business Startup/Corporate, ContractsLiterature, Other, VisualPro Bono

19-568 Comic book author and inventor needs help evaluating the best way to protect the intellectual property associated with his computer application. He also needs a work-for-hire agreement for an illustrator and a computer programmer.

19-577DisputesMusicPro Bono

19-577 Pop music singer-songwriter signed with a record label in March of 2019 and wrote ten songs with the agreement that she would record an album in September. Client, also, recruited other singers to be on the album. Record label terminated the agreement and Client needs help understanding her rights and pursuing recovery.