LCA Executive Director Jan Feldman Featured on WGN

Lawyers for the Creative Arts’ Executive Director Jan Feldman recently appeared on WGN’s Wintrust Business Lunch Hour with John Williams to discuss the effects of COVID-19 on the arts community. Williams and Feldman addressed some of the new concerns of artists, with Feldman noting that “since the virus hit it’s been a whole new panoply of issues, most of which don’t have as much to do with arts as basic survival.”

Acknowledging the uncertain prospects for many individuals in the arts community, Feldman added “The devastation that has been visited on the arts community as a result of this virus is obvious if you look at any boarded-up theater or music venue.” Even as the CARES Act continues to provide some financial relief for the arts community, Feldman emphasized the importance of addressing the needs of the arts community as organizations face the prospect of re-opening amid continuing uncertainty about attendance and audience comfort.

The discussion also touched on general advice for disputes within the arts community. Remarking that this continues to be a “no-win situation,” Feldman observed a “tremendous clash of totally legitimate interests” between parties that include actors, theater crews, and landlords. Feldman advised these groups to “keep your powder dry and don’t run into court on this,” adding “Everyone is in the same boat and let’s see if we can’t get through this and start to create some sort of compromise.”

Feldman’s full interview can be heard here, starting at 18:00. For assistance with legal matters related to COVID-19 visit LCA’s Brief Service Response Center.