Introducing the Associate Board's New President Amanda Alasauskas

Amanda Alasauskas is an associate attorney at Arnett Law Group, LLC, where her practice focuses on general civil litigation and defense. She is the incoming President of the LCA Associate Board, as well as an LCA volunteer attorney. She graduated with a certificate in intellectual property from DePaul University College of Law, where she was involved with DePaul Law Review, and received her undergraduate education from Indiana University Bloomington. Amanda also serves as a Young Attorney Editor for the ABA Entertainment and Sports Lawyer.

Q: How did you learn about Lawyers for the Creative Arts and what led you to apply to join the Associate Board?
A: LCA was always spoken about during panels in law school. It seemed like a great way to get involved with the creative community in Chicago. Jeff Becker and Michelle Wahl were the two people who really encouraged me to join the Associate Board. I believe I joined the Associate Board in late 2017. Jeff approached me about running for an Executive Committee position once elections came up, so I ran for Secretary. I held that position from 2019-2021. For the 2021-2023 term, I decided to take a leap and run for President. As a young attorney and as someone who is still building a practice, it was a little nerve wracking, but it has been a great start and I look forward to what we can do to promote LCA as an Associate Board as we start entering our "new normal."

What’s your favorite LCA memory? 
The first Shindy I attended in 2018. It was such a cool event and had such a great turn out. 

Which LCA or Associate Board events have you participated in?
I've participated in the annual Shindy, as well as attending various educational panels. I also currently serve on the Education Committee. 

What types of LCA matters have you taken on?
I have mostly helped draft various letters such as demand letters or letters for termination of contracts. 

What advice would you give to an attorney who is considering taking an LCA matter?
Just do it. There is a matter for anyone who wants to volunteer. It is intimidating if you have never taken on a matter in the subject area before, but there are so many resources available to you provided by LCA. 

What has it been like working with our clients? How does it differ from your job at your firm?
Working with LCA clients has more of a one-on-one feel. Most, if not all of my work at my firm is with corporations and insurance companies, so dealing with LCA clients feels more personal. 

Do you have any personal background in the arts?
I played the violin for 5 years, participated in high school show choir, and was involved in all of the high school musicals from ensemble member to choreographer. Those who can’t do go to law school instead, right? 

Do you participate in or follow the arts here in Chicago?
Of course! I follow several area musicians and bands. As far as whether I participate, no, but I would love to take a class at Second City one day.

What about the arts in Chicago strikes you as unique?
The arts in Chicago are resilient. It takes a lot to stick it out here and stay, instead of moving to New York or LA. On top of that, the community is so open and willing to collaborate with each other, which promotes a feeling of realness.

How does LCA support the arts in Chicago and why do you think this work is so vital to the arts?
LCA is such a resource to the Chicago creative community, whether it be legal services or educational events. Many artists would not be able to do their work without the services that LCA provides. 

Which tv-show/movie/song/book have you recently finished that you would recommend? 
We Were Liars by E. Lockhart and Anxious People by Fredrik Backman are both fantastic books that I would recommend to anybody. 

What's a fun fact about you?
I’m an assistant wedding photographer on the weekends!

Thank you to Amanda for taking the time to answer our questions! Follow us on social media for future Featured Members from our Associate Board.