Financial Planning in the Performing Arts

Financial Planning
Financial Planning

COVID may finally be on the wane. Prevention measures may no longer be necessary.  Live performances, packed houses, and new productions may be back for good. 

Or, maybe not.  And that’s the problem.

We know from experience that COVID surges and new variants can shut down live performances. Sound financial planning can help us to weather the next twist in the pandemic road. LCA can help you with practical, proven – and free – guidance and services from seasoned professionals.

Come to our Financial Planning in the Performing Arts, a 1-hour session taught by experts. The program covers:

  • Creating budgets that instill confidence in your program decisions;
  • Reporting and financial tracking to give you peace of mind that you have solid plans and the ability to track results, even under unexpected circumstances; and  
  • Basics of responsibilities of your key participants: board, executive director, and finance professionals.