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Associate Board Member Amy Adler – A Major Proponent of Live Music and the Chicago Arts Scene

Amy Adler is currently legal counsel at Shure Incorporated. At Shure, Amy primarily focuses on a variety of transactional matters and Shure’s trademark portfolio. Prior to joining Shure, her practice concentrated on trademark and copyright litigation and prosecution, domain name disputes and transactional matters for clients and their businesses. Amy is also an Adjunct Professor at Harper College, where she teaches Intellectual Property and Contract Law for paralegals. She graduated from The John Marshall Law School and served as the Symposium Editor on the Review of Intellectual Property Law. Amy has enjoyed counseling and working with LCA clients since 2016. 

How did you learn about Lawyers for the Creative Arts and what led you to apply to join the Associate Board?
I first learned about Lawyers for the Creative Arts during law school from one of my IP professors. Her involvement with the organization sparked my interest in getting more involved and volunteering after I graduated. I decided to join the Associate Board in 2017 because I wanted to stay involved and support the mission of the organization. Now that I am in-house, I do not have the same availability to offer pro bono services, so I enjoy being able to continue contributing to the organization and meeting others that are passionate about supporting the arts. 

What’s your favorite LCA memory? 
I really enjoy the annual luncheon and Shindy events. They are very different events but showcase the diversity in arts and programming in Chicago and the LCA.  

Which LCA or Associate Board events have you participated in?
I have attended or volunteered at several LCA AB events, including the annual Shindy, and I currently serve on the events committee. 

What types of LCA matters have you taken on?
I have primarily worked on copyright matters for local artists. The copyright issues were very diverse, ranging from candles to murals.

What advice would you give to an attorney who is considering taking an LCA matter?
There is something for everyone! The issues that artists and arts organizations face are diverse and span a wide variety of practice areas. If you are not comfortable with trademarks there is likely a contract you might be able to draft or a landlord dispute you can resolve.  

What has it been like working with our clients? How does it differ from your job at your firm?
LCA clients are always very appreciative for your time and commitment to helping them navigate their legal issues. I love that you can take on work that you might not otherwise have exposure to in your daily practice. 

Do you have any personal background in the arts?
I’ve dabbled in playing instruments since I was a kid, but never managed to get very advanced (or good). Regardless of my abilities, I have always loved live music: I got my first job in high school so that I could afford going to concerts; I studied arts management and helped plan large special events and concerts during college; and I initially went to law school to pursue a career in the entertainment and intellectual property fields.  

Do you participate in or follow the arts here in Chicago?
Of course! I continue to follow the artists and venues I am familiar with, but I love that Chicago has a little bit of everything because it is so easy to explore new places/venues and find different artists or art forms to support. 

How does LCA support the arts in Chicago and why do you think this work is so vital to the arts?
There are so many people in Chicago that want to express themselves creatively and build a career or business in the arts.  LCA is a great resource and tool that allows these individuals (and businesses) to take pride in their work and focus on their passions. Whether it is pro bono legal services or an educational program, these artists are able to rely on LCA for support and know they don’t have to do it all alone. 

Which tv-show/movie/song/book have you recently finished that you would recommend? 
I just watched Beyonce’s Black is King visual album on Disney+. I loved her visual album Lemonade, so I had high expectations for Black is King and, as usual, she delivered. 

Thank you to Amy for taking the time to answer our questions! Follow us on social media for future Featured Members from our Associate Board.

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